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2021, year to pay the Brexit costs

After the Brexit victory in 2016, Nicola Sturgeon –Prime Minister of Scotland and leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP)– called for a new Scottish independence referendum but was postponed after losing 21 seats in the Parliament. When the Agreement Plan with Theresa May was revealed in 2018, Sturgeon reacted strongly against it saying that the agreement was harmful to the Scottish people and therefore unacceptable as she supported a softer Brexit that could maintain the U.K. in the European Unique Market and membership to the European Union Customs Union as Norway does. The final agreement signed by Johnson maintains Britain’s European market tariff-free, but customs paperwork should be complied with.

After being elected, the first European ruler the recently elected president of the United States, Joe Biden called was Johnson, and not for a protocolary greeting but to warn him that if the Brexit occurred with an agreement with Europe it would impact the Ireland Peace Agreement –the country of Biden’s ancestors– and the U.K. would not reach a trade agreement with the United States and they would not be treated like Australia but like Congo or Afghanistan; therefore London would not have a trade agreement with its historic partner, an alliance which was undoubtedly important for the outcome of two world wars.

The distancing from the United States and the stumpy sympathy with the democratic leadership could cost Johnson the loss of the Presidency of the G-7 and the Climate Summit, according to Michel Howard, former Conservative Prime Minister, and Brexit Advocate.

Although Europe gave concessions that will help Johnson to be “saved”, this is one of the greatest criticisms of the “brexiters”, who would prefer an exit with a deal. Europe opposed the U.K. to deliver financial aid to companies impacting the competence or reduce the compliance of occupational and environmental standards as a competitive strategy. In the dispute solving system, U.K. hoped fishing would be free of the possibility of sanctions.

The issue for the Labour Party is that they by principle oppose the independence of Scotland, but are now faced with a growing sympathy of the voters in favor of Scotland leaving the U.K.

In the campaign, Biden said, “Any trade agreement between the United States and the U.K. will depend on respecting the agreement and avoid returning to a “hard” border with Ireland,” then the House of Lords proceeded to eliminate the parts of the bill that could violate international law. Looking to heal the wounds caused to former American president Barack Obama, Johnson hurried to suggest they could work together with Biden to fight climate change.

Chris Patten, the last British Governor in Hong Kong who had the humiliation of returning the Island back to China, has deemed as disastrous the British separation from Europe claiming that “the family house we are exiting still contains much of our history and family silver as well as our future economic interest.” From our reigning royal family (which is German) to our exports (overwhelmingly to Europe): five times more exports go to the entire Commonwealth and six times more than to all the BRICS countries.

Patten considers that “Brexit has initiated the destruction of our economy, it is bad enough that we are setting about wrecking our economy, which will make the poor poorer and even the enterprising more vulnerable. On top of this, we are overturning many of the rules and conventions of our parliamentary democracy, which should encourage the search for consensus and compromise, and shun majoritarianism.”

Just 52% of British voters decided to leave the EU without considering the consequences of that decision.

On the sale of “data monetization” of Facebook says Cambridge Analytics gained unauthorized access to up to 87 million users' allowing applying Big Data strategies towards undecided sectors of the population and reinforcing xenophobia, racists and religious feelings, both in the United States and in the U.K. allowing, on one hand, a victory to Donald Trump, and the victory of Brexit.

In the American case, the rejection of Trump’s politics was evident, such as breaking multilateral deals, boosting white supremacist groups and the tolerance with the aggressions against black people, the attacks on immigrants, along with ignoring processes as evident as climate change, and the pandemic, led to the victory of Biden and Harris.

On the British side, the high costs of the loss of influence of the London financial center, emerging customs paperwork, and the withdrawal of English students from the Erasmus program, seem like a high cost to pay for advocating for anachronic ideas or interests of minority groups.

Meanwhile, the most difficult and sensible point for closing the agreement was the access to Europeans to fishing in British waters; but the difference of the fish weighing system, also the British economy has been greatly impacted by the position of the London financial center and caused many companies to flee to the continent.

The fact the older people, from small towns and just English speakers and never traveling outside of the U.K.  voted in favor of Brexit and that young and more educated people, that live in cities and have traveled abroad voted to stay with the EU, shows the new frontier formed to the interior of that society.



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