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Between January and September of this year, more than 91,300 migrants have crossed the Darien Gap from Colombian towards Panama. Photo: Raúl Arboleda/AFP

Colombia needs to support and fund more efficient public policies that generate maximum territorial development in the border regions and beyond.

Global effective distribution requires increasing its production, doing it on a large scale, and substantially diminishing the price, among others. Photo: Brandon Pinto – Unimedios

Although COVID-19 vaccination has produced some controversy, it is possible to affirm that most of the people working in healthcare acknowledge the...

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The economic recovery has been marked by more than a year of backlashes due to the pandemic.  Photo: Unimedios files

Luis Jorge Garay Salamanca -

Jorge Enrique Espitia Zamora -

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the world economy collapsed in 2020. The world GDP decreased -3.5% and -6.8% in Colombia, after having reached...

Diego Alejandro Torres Galindo -

While at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia (UNal) a case of plagiarism resulted in dismissal and barring from holding public office, in the case of...

Photo: AFP Photo / Peruvian Presidency

Pedro Castillo took office as President of Peru on the 28th of July after a hotly contested election where he faced Keiko Fujimori. However, after...

For Colombia, it is essential to review the transitions to alternatives to diminish environmental costs. Photo: Chico Mendes, Institute for Biodiversity Conservation / AFP

Nataly Díaz Cruz -

Forget using carbon-based fuels as an energy source and planting hundreds of trees seems to be the key to overcoming the environmental crisis but the...

In Colombia, 48% of the people in the rural sector are in a vulnerable situation.

In these territories, lack of access to land is a reflection of poverty and surpasses, by much, other forms of state abandonment.

If the unilateral “reopening” statements do not agree on schedules, they will neither check nor repair the infrastructure of the bridges to avoid risks. Photo: Schneider Mendoza - AFP

Colombia and Venezuela share the same issues aggravated by “close border” orders sent by Caracas and Bogotá, and also of unilateral reopening, lack of...

Food insecurity is when people do not have regular access to enough innocuous and nutritious food for daily metabolic activities. Photo: Unimedios

During the last years, the transitions have brought a change in the healthcare profile of the world and made the status of nutritional health more...

Chilean President Sebastián Piñera is facing impeachment for a situation related to the Pandora Papers.  Photo: Martin Bernetti / AFP

Chilean President Sebastián Piñera is facing impeachment which is related to situations that occurred during his first term (2010 – 2014) which...

Beethoven Herrera Valencia -

Mateo Hernández Peñaloza -

Economists, David Card (Canadian, 65), Joshua Angrist (USA, 61), and Guido Imbens (The Netherlands, 58) were awarded the 2021 Economy Nobel Prize for...

Metro stations, cable cars, and TransMilenio, among others, have the tax potential to provide spatial justice in the low-income outskirts of cities.  Photo: Unimedios

Through taxes, every individual funds the new and improved local public goods (LPGs); however, the local administration decides where to place them...