Escudo de la República de Colombia Escudo de la República de Colombia
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According to the census of 1778, Colombia had 792,668 inhabitants of which 20% were Indian, 26% white, 8% slaves, and 46% mestizo. Watercolor on paper. Edward Walhouse Mark, s.f. Bank of the Republic Collection.

Popular sectors had a transcendental place in the independence history, and historiography increasingly reveals the elements that forged the feelings...

WHO recommends daily consumption of free sugar to live a healthy life, equivalent to 250 ml of any sugary beverage. Photo: Unimedios.

In May of 2004, the 57th World Health Assembly approved the “WHO Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity and Health” 1. The WHO claims sugary...

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The Office of the Attorney General of Bolivia requested the judge a hearing against Evo Morales, which if he does not show up, will be declared in rebellion and will have a preventive detention order. Photo: Infoisanavia.

Beethoven Herrera Valencia -

Under the long term of the administration of Evo Morales of the–Movimiento al Socialismo-MAS (Movement Toward Socialism Party)– the conditions of the...

The group is contending for “orphan” areas of the country, where there are also criminal groups and FARC dissident groups. Photo: Unimedios.

Alejo Vargas Velásquez -

Lina Paola Faciolince Betancourt -

On October 1 past, several houses in the Provinces of Antioquia, Bolívar, San Andrés Islands, and the mid-Magdalena region of Colombia were painted...

Juan Carlos Eslava C. -

A few days ago, the prestigious journal medical The Lancet published an editorial with a controversial header “COVID-19 is not a pandemic” 1. Beyond...

The results of the work of Roger Penrose are exceptional by proving that black holes are solutions to the equations of Albert Einstein. Photo: NASA.

Diego Alejandro Torres -

Santiago Vargas Domínguez –

If you want to escape from our cozy planet Earth and travel the universe you need to take a rocket, aim it to the skies and fire it to a minimum speed...

The ruling makes a deep analysis of the events that occurred during the last five years and recently during the protests of November of 2019 in Bogotá, Medellín, and Cali. Photo: Unimedios.

María Luisa Rodríguez Peñaranda-

The ruling of a judicial action for the protection of fundamental rights of the Colombian Supreme Court of Justice sentenced the Government, the local...

Chart: Andrés Bernal.

María Alejandra López Plazas -

The substances produced by bacteria have the raw material to manufacture bioproducts that allow avocado growers in Colombia to have access to new...

Silvia (Province of Cauca) is the center of the Misak Indigenous Community. Photo: John Diaz.

The indigenous community–which forms part of the 25% of the inhabitants of the Province of Cauca–reached an agreement with the Colombian government...

In the Colombian Amazon, highly polluted effluents infiltrate aquifers or even reach nearby rivers, water streams, and wetlands. Photo: Unimedios.

The capital of the Province of Amazonas has close to 50,000 inhabitants and 100,000 visitors a year and has the intention of turning into a national...

For the Colombian city of Medellín and the Valle de Aburrá most months high relative humidity, clouds, and thick air and the days with clear skies and high visibility are rare.  Photo: Rodrigo Pelaez.

Olga Lucía Muñoz López -

The generalized belief in Medellín is that mist is an indicator of high pollution due to vehicle and industrial contamination, was left invalid during...

Protecting a monopoly is not a reasonable cause for a government that constitutionally should look for the competitiveness of its markets. Photo: Unimedios.

Jairo Orlando Villabona, Juan Esteban Fajardo, and Sofía Ocampo -

The lockdown measure and the airport closures and tourism decline to mitigate the spread of the pandemic were a hard blow to Avianca S.A. an airline...