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Official data of the country confirm that the hunger issue and its causes are critical in regions such as the Province of La Guajira where there are reports of malnutrition cases.  Photo: Diana Sánchez-AFP

Beyond the controversy produced by the recent FAO report, placing Colombia as one of the 20 countries in threat of acute hunger in the world, he...

The community, beaten and defenseless received support from civilian authorities after two days and from the military four after the tragedy.  Photo: LUIS ACOSTA / AFP.

Sharon D’yana Mejía Campo -

Twenty years after the Bojayá massacre, the survivors endure diseases of the central nervous system, headaches, and PTSD; also, internal diseases,...

The use of new technologies helps diminish down times, mistake identification, correction or prediction, and in general terms, improve operational results.  Photo: Brandon Pinto / Unimedios

The communication protocol may be used in applications that require implementing processes such as automatization of homes and buildings, management...

For French academic Thomas Piketty, inequality in Colombia is one of the highest in the world and greater than what may be considered justifiable in a society. Photo: Unimedios files.

Luis Jorge Garay Salamanca -

Jorge Enrique Espitia -

Follow-up or income distribution and wealth in Colombia from tax records and the Great DANE´s Household Comprehensive Survey (GEIH, for its Spanish...

The new Republic of Barbados ends centuries of British influence over the island, including 200 years of being a slavery trafficking hub. Photo: Joe Raedle / Getty Images North America / Getty Images Via AFP

Antonino Vidal Ortega

After 396 years, the reign of the British monarchy over the Caribbean Island has ended. The political change will help repaid the colonial rule of...

One of the greatest attractions of the white continent is the hidden wealth related to very low-temperature extremophile microorganisms.  Photos: David Tovar, UNal Geosciences Ph.D. candidate.

An oceanographic Research Vessel (ORV) named Hespérides departed from Ushuaia, in Argentina last week with more than 40 scientists, including several...

The general price surge contributes to increasing inequality and poverty.  Photo: Unimedios files.

​Raúl Ávila Forero-

Jissel Rodríguez Ruiz -

The inflationary burst and the devaluation of the Colombian currency will be two transverse axes that will have to be dealt with, not only in economic...

In Guadeloupe and Martinique, the health problem is very sensible. The islands have received only small batches of vaccines that are comparatively very inferior to France and therefore vaccination is under 50% that of continental France. ALAIN JOCARD / AFP

Antonino Vidal Ortega-

The lack of economic expectancies has produced social agitation and conflict in the Islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique. The dissatisfaction of its...

The context has compelled higher education to combine face-to-face with virtual learning, as they will not return to this type of modality with large groups for theoretical classes.  Photo: Unimedios files.

Virtual learning, or hybrid education, internet access and connectivity gratuity, and reformulating the role of alumni in face of the new learning...

This image shows the structure and several canons of the San José galleon, sunken in 1708.  Photo: Colombian Ministry of Culture-AFP.

Antonio José Rengifo Lozano-